SmartKids Academy - Math, ELA & Public Speaking: Registration for 2019-20.

SmartKids Summary

  Welcome to our SmartKids Learning Center(s), prepares Grade K-12 students for MA Common Core School syllabus, MCAS 2.0 tests, SINGAPORE MATH, SAT/PSAT/ACT tests, Reading, Computers, Science projects and all Math & Spelling competitions. We offer your child an opportunity to learn new skills, discover new interests, prepare kids do their homework by themselves, make new friends and have lots of fun learning. SmartKids help your kids to setup new goals and help to achieve their goals.
We reinforce the values in kids that they are already learning at home like respect, cooperation and responsibility.

SmartKids Math/ELA classes in Shrewsbury, MA:

SmartKids Math and ELA classes are available in 2 locations in Shrewsbury and Westborough, MA. Please choose the nearest location and weekend/day convenient to your kids. SmartKids is open year round and provide exceptional tutoring services for Grade K - 12.

Phone:      508-459-8766
Email: [or] 

Math Classes:                  1 1/2 hr

ELA - Reading classes:  1 hr

Science Classes:            1 hr

Please register online for all classes by clicking the Registration link. Registration fee $50. FREE registration for 2 subjects.

 SmartKids Location(s):



Office Hours

Shrewsbury/ Westborough

[On Route 9]

415 Boston Turnpike,

Shrewsbury, MA 01545

Tuesday:    5PM – 8:00 PM
Thursday:  5PM – 8:00 PM
 Friday:        5PM – 8:00 PM
 Saturday:   9 AM – 1 PM



SmartKids Holidays for 2019:
SmartKids offices are closed on the following days for 2019. Students will get Homework packages for the holidays.

** Memorial Day Week Holiday [5/25 - 5/31]
*  Thanks Giving week holidays [11/24 - 11/29]
** Christmas & New Year holidays[12/25 - 1/1]

SmartKids News:

- Now enroll: Grade K -12, Math, SAT/PSAT, Olympiad,  Reading/ELA/Public Speaking/Writing Classes - Registration

** New PSAT, ACT and SAT Practice tests are available for practice!

** SSAT/ISEE Practice tests are available for practice.

** MCAS 2.0 tests - Done!


* SmartKids Programs [Grade K -12]
     - Math [Word Problems]
     - Math Olympiad/Counts & AMC
     - Public Speaking & Creative Writing

 ** SmartKids student(s) selected for Math Counts - State level competitions.

** SmartKids Student(s) selected for HARVARD University Math Circle Program.

- All SmartKids students are MCAS advanced.

- SmartKids conducts the following competitions for NE region students

        - 'Math Bee' 
        - 'Spelling Bee'
        - 'Science Bee'.

SmartKids Programs for 2019-20

SmartKids currently offering year-round programs/Classes to all Grades (K - 12) in Grafton and Shrewsbury, MA:

Mathematics:[Grade K - 12]

  •  SmartKids Math & Word Problems
  • MA Common Core & MCAS Math
  • Math Bee & Kangaroo
  • Math Olympiad
  • Math Counts & AMC

High School Math

  1. Geometry
  2. Algebra 1 & 2
  3. Pre-Calculus & Calculus
  4. Trigonometry
  5. AP Subjects
  6.  SAT_PSAT Math
  7. SAT Subjects (Math Level 1 & 2)

Reading & Writing [Grade K - 12]

  • ELA - Reading Comprehension
  • Creative Writing & Essay
  • PSAT, SAT, and MCAS
  • Spelling Bee & Book Club      
  • Public Speaking & Debate

Computers, Management & Creativity

  • Small Business Plan & Presentations
  • Basic Computers (Ms Office, HTML, Internet)
  • Web Site Design & Marketing
  • Databases {MS Access, SQL Server}

Science, Technology/Engineering
       * Regular Science & Technology classes

       * Science & Technology Projects

  1. Nanotechnology (Nanoparticle applications in biological investigations)
  2. Food Chemistry (Food nutrient evaluation)
  3. Robotics (Building and programming mini-robots)
  4. Thermoelectric devices (Applications of Peltier Circuits)
  5. Medical Health Program


    To make learning Math, Science, English reading, writing and public speaking are an important resource for the child's social behavior and personality. SmartKids reduces the burden of homework for parents and made the students self-sufficient to do themselves. Please visit SmartKids Learning Center and learn more about our programs for preparing your child for success.

SmartKids Learning Center                                                                 Email:                                  Phone: 508-459-8766 

415 Boston Turnpike, Suite 307, Shrewsbury, MA 01545