SmartKids - Gifted Students Programs

SmartKids - Gifted & Talented Students Programs

SmartKids is offering the following programs for specially talented gifted kids and will add more for the benefit of the students.

Grade 6 - 8 students to take the SAT/SSAT Math:

SmartKids - 'Gifted Students Program' is preparing TALENTED and GIFTED students of Grade 6th, 7th & 8th to the SAT to get admissions into the prestigious universities like...

  •     Center for Talented Youth (Johns Hopkins University)
  •     Duke Talent Identification Program (Duke University)
  •     Iowa Talent Search (Iowa State University)
  •     Midwest Talent Search (Northwestern University)
  •     Rocky Mountain Talent Search (University of Denver)
Math Competitions

SmartKids train gifted and talented students to compete to Math Bee, Counts, Olympiad, AMC and inter-school competitions and help to skip grades and a year in college.

Science & Technology/Engineering Projects

SmartKids proudly offers intensive coaching program to help your kids to prepare for regional, state, national and international Science Competitions from middle to high school levels... which will help kids to get admissions in colleges.

  • Nanotechnology (Nano-particle applications in biological investigations)
  • Food Chemistry (Food nutrient evaluation)
  • Robotics (Building and programming mini-robots)
  • Thermoelectric devices (Applications of Peltier Circuits)
  • Future Doctors: Medical Health Program for Kids (Physiology)

Public Speaking, Writing & Book Club
'SmartKids Public speaking program' is for all grade students learn to speak concisely, clearly and confidently... to be more sensitive and skilled communicator. Also, included Writing and Book Club as part of the program to benefit students for all competitions.

Please contact us for more details through email:

* SmartKids specially train Gifted & Talented Students for competitions, SAT and next grades.

** SmartKids student(s) selected for Math Counts - State level competitions.

** SmartKids Student(s) selected for HARVARD University Math Circle Program.

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