MCAS 2.0 / PARCC Math [Grade 3 - 10]

The PARCC, is a standardized test that is taken by public school students in grades three through 10. All 10th-graders in Massachusetts public schools must pass the MCAS 2.0/PARCC exam to graduate high school. The test is designed to measure students' performance according to the Massachusetts curriculum.

  • Understand Math concepts(comprehension of mathematical concepts, operations, and relations), reasoning and proof.
  • Coaching on PARCC Math every week and practice tests everyday.
  • Solve real world math word problem.
  • To create enjoyment of mathematics, and develop depth of understanding.
  • To improve Geometry and Algebra thinking.
  • Singapore Math techniques and strategies to solve PARCC word problem.
  • Extra practice Math worksheets on daily basis.
  • Individual care and attention on kids progress and improvement.
  • Involve parents to make kids sit daily 1/2 hr to practice and sign it.
  • High quality Math program that prepares kids for PARCC/SAT/College and a career. 

MA Common Core Math, MCAS 2.0 & PARCC Classes
(1 1/2 Hrs each class)

MCAS 2.0 Tests:

  • <MCAS 2.0 Math practice tests - placed soon>
  •  <MCAS 2.0 ELA practice tests - placed soon>

Shrewsbury Location :

415 Boston Turnpike, Shrewsbury, MA

Phone:      508-459-8766


MCAS 2.0 or PARCC Math training classes for Grade 3 - High School to excel in MA School year end assessment Tests.

PARCC/MCAS Results: All SmartKids students got 'Advanced' in MCAS Math.

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