Science & Technology/Engineering Projects:

SmartKids started Science & Technology/Engineering projects/classes for Elementary & Middle School students [Grade 3 - 8] on every Saturday/Sunday. We'll extend to high school students shortly.

SmartKids Science & Technology Summer program is to improve Science, Engineering & Technology skills in children of Grade 1-8 and prepare kids for Science projects.

Science Projects Objective:
This didactic program is designed to impart practical skills required  for demonstrating your kids talents in science competitions with special focus on helping them to come up with great ideas, turning ideas into inventions and applications,  and provide training to successfully present their ideas to the world.

Science Project class:      1.5 - 2 Hour(s) weekly
Duration:                          3 Months

Weekend:                        Saturday 9:30AM - 11AM & 11 - 12:30PM

Grade :                             3 - 8
Teacher:                          University Faculty

Science & Technology Summer Projects for 2015:
  1. Nanotechnology (Nano-particle applications in biological investigations)
  2. Food Chemistry (Food nutrient evaluation)
  3. Robotics (Building and programming mini-robots)
  4. Thermoelectric devices (Applications of Peltier Circuits)
  5. Future Doctors: Medical Health Program for Kids (Physiology)

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Science Projects Advantages:
  • Science competition winners are always chosen as top candidates in college admissions, scholarship programs and career placements. 
  • Start preparing your kids to excel in their future career in science and technology.

SmartKids Science & Technology Training Curriculum:


Nanotechnology is a fast growing technology with wide implications in Science and Engineering. This program intends to focus on nanotechnology applications in biology. Students can learn to use nanoparticles to label and monitor biological behaviors of cells, and apply this technology for the analysis of food nutrition.


Future Doctors: Medical Health program for Kids

Physiology in medical health program will give an introduction to using home diagnostic kits and equipment for monitoring health related parameters such as glucose, protein, blood pressure, reading pulse, listening to heart etc. and help kids to utilize such techniques to design research ideas.


Health and food science technology

Application of biochemical and microbiological methods in health and food science technology. This program will provide introduction to biochemical techniques that can be applied for the analysis of food nutrients and explore the world of microbes existing in our environment.  


Robotics program


Robotics program will introduce concepts to design, assemble and program simple robotic functions. Students will learn to apply their mathematical skills in understanding the software and hardware functions of motors, gears, sensor that will open up their imagination to come up with innovative applications.


Thermoelectric and bio-fuel technologies

Alternative energy is moving the world towards adapting eco-smart green technologies for our daily life. Students will learn to use solar, thermoelectric and bio-fuel technologies to generate energy. Introduction to these concepts will enable students to think about innovative ways to explore and exploit alternative energy and design projects in this area.  


* Science & Technology/Engineering  Project Classes for Elementary & Middle School students.

** Summer Program: Science & Technology projects batches starts for Academic year 2015.

Next batch starts soon.

Become a Science Whiz through SmartKids program

SmartKids proudly offers 12 week intensive coaching program to help your kids to prepare for regional, state, national and international science competitions from middle to high school levels.

Common Core Science & Technology Classes:
SmartKids is conducting Common Core Science & Technology classes year long for Grade 3 - 8. Please contact us for more details about Science programs/projects and learn science for kids related to the following topics...

  • Earth and Space Science
  • Life Science
  • Physical Sciences
  • Technology/Engineering

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