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One of the most exciting ways to compete as an elementary or middle school student is in a spelling bee. If you're not athletically inclined (or even if you are), spelling bees provide both a worthwhile educational experience and a notable adrenaline rush. Succeed in area competitions and you'll be on your way up the ladder to compete at the highest rungs of the spelling bee circuit.

Spelling bees improve students' spelling, increase their vocabularies, and develop correct English usage.


  • Students improve their spelling, increase their vocabularies, learn concepts, and develop correct English. As a result, they read and write more effectively and score higher on standardized tests and college prep tests and beyond. The impact lasts a lifetime.
  • Students learn word etymology and country of origin, the meanings of prefixes and suffixes, and spelling rules.
  • By studying words grouped in thematic categories, spellers not only acquire knowledge but also develop cognitive skills and increased understanding of ideas and values.
  • Students of all ages and background participate on an equal, competitive basis.
  • Spelling bees improve spelling and spark interest among the students.
  • Spelling bees create friendly, sportsmanlike rivalry among the schools.


Studies prove that a strong command of the English language is directly linked to student advancement, grades and social success. To move ahead in kids school or excel in PARCC/SAT and other competitive tests, kids vocabulary level must improve and daily practice helps students build long-term ownership of vocabulary.

An educated vocabulary can improve kids public speaking skills and having a large vocabulary keeps audience interested the whole time kids are speaking. Many kids avoid reading tough material because they don’t understand all of the words that they are reading.

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* Spelling, Vocabulary and Book Club classes for Grade 1 - 8.

** SmartKids conducts Math Bee & Spell Bee competitions New England wide for Grade 1-8.

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